"standing firm® is able to stretch and strengthen the hip area with various ranges of motion and resistance."

"Dedicating some tiem of the links and in the wieght room has become common among elite golfers. Now there's a product focused on improving specific" ... read more

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Joe kessler ms, atc, cscs

Major league S&c coach

Cleveland indians

Aaron nelson atc

head atc phoenix suns

2009 nba atc of the year

stretch & strengthen the hip

Gavin mcmillian founder

sports science lab

san juan capistrano, ca

Josh seligman MS, ATC, RSCC

Major league s&c specialist

Milwaukee Brewers

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"I use Standing Firm® for deep glute activation with my athletes."

"We have done exercises with our players and have seen an immediate response."

great glute product 

"athleticism doesn't just come from the weight room. and it's not always enhanced by cardio"... read more

"We use the standing firm in our pre-game and strength training routines."