Harness the Power of Pure Rotation
Don't strength train around your weak links...fix them!
Functional exercises bypass weak links. 
It is impossible to strengthen weak links with traditional functional exercises....weak links need to be isolated!

Weak links create muscle tightness, muscle inhibition and movement instability.

In order to breakthrough strength and speed plateaus... you need to target your weak links!

  • Running
  • Kicking
  • Pivoting
  • Rebounding
  • Ability to stabilize


The Glutes are the weak link in improving movement!

There's only one product for the job...Standing Firm®

Standing Firm® isolates the weak glute muscle fiber while doing functional exercises!
  • Rotation creates isometric force to restore strength
  • Rotation eliminates weakness by reaching deeper muscle fiber
  • Rotation releases tight hip flexors in response to glute strengthening

"We have done exercises (on Standing Firm®) with our players and have seen an immediate response."
Aaron Nelson ATC
NBA Head Athletic Trainer
Phoenix Suns                               

 "I use Standing Firm® for deep Glute activation."
Josh Seligman
Major League Baseball Head Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Milwaukee Brewers

"We use Standing Firm® in our pre-game and strength training routines."
Joe Kessler
Major League Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coach
Cleveland Indians

Train like the Pros

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