Harness the Power of Rotation      
Don't strength train around your weak links...fix them with Standing Firm® 

Weak links create muscle tightness, muscle inhibition and movement instability.

Breakthrough strength and speed plateaus.... 

  • Running
  • Kicking
  • Pivoting
  • Rebounding
  • Ability to stabilize

The Glutes are the weak link in improving movement!

Standing Firm® utilizes rotational torque to strengthen the hip muscles in all planes of motion!

There's only one product for the job...Standing Firm®


ROTATION...A Force To Be Reckoned With
  • MOBILITY....lengthen tight muscles... rotation pinpoints tight bands of muscle and releases areas of tension in the hips to improve your body's mobility & core stability.
  • SPRING... restore muscle spring.... rapid-fire pulses and the patented resistance system reset muscle spindles (length detectors in the muscle) and allow for safe, explosive training for sports.
  • TORQUE...improve torque potential...patented v-tube creates natural ground-force torque in order to load torque and improve your body's ability to generate power while performing functional exercises.


"We have done exercises (on Standing Firm®) with our players and have seen an immediate response."
Aaron Nelson ATC
NBA Head Athletic Trainer
Phoenix Suns                               

 "I use Standing Firm® for deep Glute activation."
Josh Seligman
Major League Baseball Head Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Milwaukee Brewers

"We use Standing Firm® in our pre-game and strength training routines."
Joe Kessler
Major League Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coach
Cleveland Indians

Train like the Pros

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